Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's that time again....

     I guess we (my family) have lived in one place for 4 yours now, so it is time for someone to move...that's what time it is again.

Our youngest daughter and Son-in law are moving to Canada! And not to where we used to live....they decided to try it in Winnipeg. I have never been there, so I can only judge by what I have heard...and that is about it being COLD. But then again, millions of people live there, so I guess you can get used to anything.

In my head I understand and support their move. They are young and want to get to know the world. They are not too invested in this country yet, so it was not too hard to tie up loose ends and it is all falling into place.
But in my heart it doesn't fit..... this move.  It hurts to see them go and so far away. I've done this before and know what awaits me, so....I know. I know that the contact is hard to keep up, when everyone is going about their jobs and friends and daily life. Technology makes is MUCH easier, but you really have to be committed and life often comes in the way. That is the hardest part for me. Losing the close contact/relationship that we have, when living in the same city. It is just the way long distance is. It's not something we or they would do, it just happens.  Life.
And that is the hard part.
But otherwise I am trying to stay positive. I know they will learn so much. They will grow more independent and become self sufficient. They will learn a new language, they will do different kind of work, have so many new things to see and do. They will also probably make mistakes and feel lost and alone, but they will learn from it and grow.

This is another part of growing older. Letting your children move out of the house and get married is one thing, but moving thousands of miles away, is another part of letting go.

That's why I always say, you can't build your life around your children and grandchildren. We have friends who are in the same situation we are, but they already have grandchildren. My friend is very emotional and is acting like the world is going under, because they are moving away. But they had all their focus on the grandkids and neglected their friends in the process. Now they feel even more alone. I feel sorry for them. But she always says, I can't feel for her, because we don't have grandkids yet. Whatever.

I am happy/sad and wishing our kids the best. They deserve to make these life experiences and I need to focus on me and not make them feel guilty about a move I myself made, when I was their age.

I wish them a world of happiness and many new and fun life experiences!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It´s almost Christmas already!

It´s harder than I thought, to post regularly again. Before I knew it, it is almost Christmas!

What have I been doing in the meantime?

I´m at work, like usual, with new work hours and loving them.  I have two afternoons off and it gives some "me-time" . I love that.

We had the whole house repainted last month, so that kept me busy. I didn´t take any before and after pics. Very unusual for me....but I think I like the new color. It is a warm olive tone, called Balsam.

Photo from Google images
This pretty pic above looks alot like it. We have white moldings too, so it looks really fresh. Happy to have it all behind me though. Ready for Christmas shopping now.

We had a storm come through here last month. It is not unusual for that kind of weather at this time of year. But it's hard when it hits you or your loved ones. This is at my fathers ranch. A roof was completely wrecked and twisted by the wind.
 Many many trees and branches were torn apart, like the one below.
 Just glad no people were hurt.

When you think about it, most things in our lives are dependent on what the weather is like. At least over here we are still very much connected with the weather and if it rains or storms we can do very little about it. You stay inside where you´re safe, and wait it out.

I ordered a photo book, of our trip to Canada from Love it. Especially because it´s so compact and much easier to share with someone who´s interested. I would recommend it to everyone.

So, I´m preparing some Christmas cards to mail. I´m hoping to get some in return, but have noticed that people just do not send cards anymore. I love to receive them and make an effort to send them as well. What about you? Do you still send Christmas cards (via snail mail)?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Life update

Some blog friends have asked me what I've been up to, so I thought I'd post a little update on life and how it's been treating us.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but in March I started a new job. Same Dept., but different work. Very different, but very satisfying! I love it. My boss is a notary public and I work with him, making power of attorneys, legal contracts, testaments and so forth. Below are my co-workers and boss.
This was in July on my birthday and they surprised me with flowers and a song. (The guy with the fire extinguisher is the "class clown").
Me at my desk. Oh, and I have my own office, the best part about the job!

We lost another friend to cancer. In July our dear friend and cousin, Albert lost the battle against this horrid sickness. We will miss him dearly!

We also had to say good bye to my mother in law. She had Parkinson's and after 3 bouts with pneumonia, she finally was able to go "home" to her heavenly father.  We will also miss her, but were happy for her too. She had suffered so long.

Our kids have decided to move to Canada. They will be leaving in Jan. of next year. We are happy for them, but also dread having them so far away. I can't say I don't understand though, having done the same thing, when we were just married. We will savor these last few months together and enjoy each moment.

Our other daughter and SIL will stay here, gratefully. They are doing good. Marisa is still teaching Pre-school and is getting ready to finish up her school year. She is busy with organizing the graduation program. In the vacation months she devotes her time to photography. She does many family or group foto shoots, even starting with weddings. We are happy for her!

So, all in all life has been good to us. We are healthy, which is the most important. Even though we have also had many hard moments this year (my parents being in a nursing home and FIL transitioning to an assisted living facility), we know that we have much to be thankful for. We are able to be there for our parents, these last few years they have left. Sometimes we forget, how much we needed them, when we were young. Now they need us and it is our turn to be there for them.

So, there you have it. A mini update on our year, so far. For now we are trying to prepare for a HOT summer, that lays ahead. Our 5 day forecast for this week....

I think I need to find a pool....

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So "Canadian"

While visiting another country, it is funny how you  notice things. Things that people who live there don´t even see anymore. I tried to photograph some of the quirks that I found on our visit in Canada.

Even though Canada is a multilingual country (it is English and French), when driving through Vancouver, the street signs in one area of the city where in Punjabi and English.

People LOVE their pets! (The goggles are a bit much though, don´t you think?)

I loved how the old churches from way back when have steeples. I took many many pics of churches with steeples. Unfortunately most of them are smudged, because it was done while driving.

In Banff, we were at a crosswalk, where, when the light turned green, ALL directions where allowed to cross the street. I thought that was really cool!

Canadians love their wine! We did some wine tasting and it was really interesting and fun. Especially the one with a jalapeno pepper in it....

While driving the many highways, we saw many overpasses like the one below (with trees and grass on them). They where build like that, so wild animals could pass over the highway and not feel threatened. I think that is so Canadian! They love their wildlife.

Ok, the next one is probably not just Canadian. But for me it was foreign. We live in a country where dog poop, or any other animal poop for that matter is considered dung and is left to decay on the ground. But I guess when you live in big cities, with many many more people to step on said poop, this makes sense. :)

The last one I don´t have a picture for, but it is so evident when you enter Canada, you hear people constantly apologizing. "Sorry" is  the Canadian´s "thank you". I´m not kidding. I had it used that way....haha.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello there! I bet you are surprised to see me on your feed again, aren´t you? I miss you aaaaalllll!!!
Even though I thought I would not write anymore, I feel like a piece of me is missing. I realized our blog friendship was not just strangers writing on a "blank screen", it was something more and something I did not want to lose! So, for now I am back! Not sure how often I can write or how I´ll be able to comment on other blogs, but I know I want to re-connect with my old friends here. Hopefully they will find there way back, and have not deleted my blog.

Some of you know that my long time dream of visiting my second home (BC. Canada) came true. Yes, we finally managed to save enough, so my hubby granted me this wish. He was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. The last time he was there, was 8 years ago, and two of his friends had passed away in the meantime. He is also, not a big fan of flying. So it was a BIG favor he did me, coming along. But in the end it was sooooo good! We connected with old friends, we visited relatives and we traveled and got to see the country. We are VERY thankful to our dear friends who had just bought a new trailer before we came and drove almost 4000 km with us, showing us so many things!
We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and got to go to the church we were married in.

When we were driving through the Rocky Mountains, I was filled with amazement, at how big and beautiful God has made this world. Look at how little the cars are in the pic below. You can´t capture the feeling in a pic, but it is the memory that will stay with me.

Another special memory, was Lake Louise. A big tourist attraction, but really worth it. The stunning color of the lake and the mountains in the background....just perfect. It felt like a tiny glimpse of heaven.


On a different weekend, other friends took us to Osoyoos, a really popular summer vacation town.
The best part was (other than sunny days, good food and beautiful scenery) that we could renew and strengthen our friendships with them.

So you see, why I feel so blessed? We can not express how grateful we are, for all of them giving us such a great time and feel unworthy of having received so much. We thank God for the good people in our lives and hopefully they know that they will be missed.
Maybe that´s why I felt like I should post it on here, so they can read it.

It also brought to mind all my dear blogging friends. I thought maybe I could meet some of you on this trip, but it was not to be. So that stays on my bucket list. But at least I wanted to warm up our friendships in this way, through this blog. Hopefully some of you are still there! Looking forward to hearing from you. And looking forward to catching up on your blogs too.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 - Life is bittersweet

So here we are 3 months later, after my last post. A lot has happened and I thought I should update and put things into perspective again.

  • Our friend who I wrote about back then has passed. He fought a good fight, but in the end it was not God´s will for him to live longer. We lost 2 close friends last year. We pray for the widow´s who have to manage and learn to live on their own now. We will miss Evald and Werner dearly!

  • I started a new job again. I was 10 months at my previous job, but knew pretty soon, that it was not a job I wanted to stay at for long. So when this other position opened up, I applied and (hallelujah!!) got it. I love it! I have my own office, I can work at my own preference and I can take days off, without having to search for a replacement. Something I couldn´t at the previous position.

  • We celebrated Christmas with our new son in-laws and it was great! I love that they like each and visit each other. Something I have prayed for.

  • I am healthy again. Thank you Lord! Even though I still need to lose weight and start walking again, I do feel great. I know it is not to be taken for granted. Too fast things can change.

  • I got a new kitchen! Those that have me on fb have seen the pics, but here´s a glimpse for you.

  •  I love it. It´s so light and bright and clean. :) Too bad a cook doesn´t come with it. haha

  •  It is summer where we live and everyone is taking their vacations. We plan on going to a  hotel in eastern Paraguay next month, so that is something to look forward to.

  • This year is looking good so far. I miss reading everyone´s blogs, but am glad to keep up with some of you who are my fb friends. I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life is hard sometimes

Not sure why I´m here, because I had made the decision to stop posting here. But in a way it´s therapeutic to put down my thoughts and feelings here. I hope you don´t mind.
Life is full of sickness and pain at the moment. It´s so hard to watch a loved one suffer. We have friends who have cancer, we watch them..... we have a dad who fell and broke his hip, had a hip replacement, is still in hospital and is not getting any better, we watch him.....we have friends who´s marriages have split, we watch them.
What is a person to do? We pray. We try to help as best we can, but it hurts. I knew the time would come when people close to us would die, or suffer, and tried to prepare myself for it, but you really can´t. We are at the age, where sickness can come at any time. I was in the hospital for 3 days in Aug. and Sept, for two very different reasons. Both not explainable, no diagnosis. The pain came and went and no one knows from what. In Sept I had an allergic reaction  like I´ve never had before. One morning I woke up and my whole upper body was covered with red rash, even my face. Only after a few days of cortisone through the IV, did it go away. No one knows the reason for it.
I blame my sicknesses on my lack of exercise. Since I started full time work, I have not been able to do my walking like I used to. Back when I walked every day, I felt great. I know I have to get back to a routine of walking again and am working on getting my motivation up for that. It also helped to clear my mind. I know it was good for me, why is it so hard to do then??
I´d like to say to those that are healthy and have healthy friends and family: BE THANKFUL for each day  you have this blessing and know it is a gift from God. God knows how much a person can take, and doesn´t put more on his shoulders than that, but sometimes I think we need to focus on ourselves too, to not let ourselves get rolled over. We need to distance ourselves and not forget to focus on our own soul, we need to be aware of how much we can take. How to do that? Maybe a weekend away, or some time alone. That´s why it´s so important I start walking again too. Maybe your comments will spur me on. :)

My work is busy, but good. I think God gave me this new job, so I would be able to focus on that in the daytime and not have to dwell on the hard things happening in our lives at the moment. Even though it drains me totally some days, I´m thankful for the meaning it gives my day.

So, yes life is hard at the moment, but there will come other times. We will master this with God´s help and hope for better times.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts.