Thursday, June 27, 2013

I used to be....

Hello again!
I decided it was high time for another post and my friend Jeanie gave me a great idea. She wrote about the jobs she has had in her life and it was really interesting. You should check out her post here.

Anyway, maybe in the future someone in my family is interested in what their mom/grandmother used to do, so this is for them.

I started out working young. I was 17 and did not enjoy going to school, so I dropped out after grade 10. I started working in a store, but after only a few months decided to move to Canada instead.

Over there my first job was in a factory, making drawers. Reality hit and I realized that I did not want to do this for the rest of my life and that I had made a mistake in not finishing high school. Why I never took some classes to get my degree, I will never know. Something was always more important or there was no time.

Anyway I did take some evening classes and was able to train as a bank teller. This was the line of work I loved. Working with numbers. I only lasted about 6 months as a teller, when a job in the loan department opened up and I applied for that and got it. I loved that job. It was the job I have loved the most from my "working career". I stayed there for about 3 years until I got pregnant and had to stop working due to difficulties during the pregnancy.

That was in 1986 and the beginning of the most important job of my life. Having two beautiful girls and trying to instill lasting values onto them, was very important to us. I was a stay at home mom till they started school. But then I was more than ready to find some work and help with the home budget.

My mom had a boutique at the time and decided to offer me her shop. So we worked out a payment plan and I tried to run that shop, while having small children. Big mistake. After only 3 years, I realized that if I kept the store I would end up with more debt than I started with and I was definitely NOT helping out with our budget. We cut our losses and decided to sell the store.

After that fiasco I decided to stay in the line of work I loved, which was with numbers/accounting. I applied for a part time position in accounting and started that job in May of 1997. It was the ideal job. I was able to work in the mornings when the girls were in school and had the afternoons off. I stayed at this job for 10 years. Then I decided it was time for change.

I started to look for something else that would interest me, but it is hard to find a part time job in such a small community. So for the next 2 jobs I actually took what I could get, which was a year in the financial Dept. (until that job was moved and I did not want to move with it, so they gave me a job in the administration Dept. of our Co-op (hated that job).

I kept looking until I got the job in Human Resources working with IPS (our government health care plan). This job was very challenging, because anybody who knows about bureaucracy.....this job was FULL of it! I stayed at it for 4 years.

I was ready for a change and when our receptionist (in Human Resources, same Dept.) announced she would be quitting her job in March of this year I decided I would apply for it. It is a full time position and even though it's the first time I worked full time since I had my children, I'm really liking it. The job is not very challenging, but there is lots of different things to do, and I am definitely not bored (which is very important to me). I don't think I'll be at this job for many years, but for now it's just right.

I think I'm blessed to still be able to have a job at my age. I see how many young girls are looking for jobs and I hope I know when it's time to let one of them take my place. I just have to figure out what to do when I retire....

This is my office at the present time.

Who knows what the future holds?


Mari said...

That was very interesting! You've sure done a variety of things in your life. I may have to do a post like this sometime.

Jeanie said...

I knew some of this about you and some of it was new to me....very fun to read. I forgot that I had owned a business with a friend for a few years-a cafe and donut shop. It didn't lose money, but we never made any either.
I am glad you are doing something you like for now. I think you will find plenty to do once you retire.

Empty Nester said...

If I wrote a post like this it would bore everyone to tears and be really short. LOL I had a graduate assistant ship in grad school. Had kids. Stayed home for 25+ years and am now working at their elementary school as an interventionist/computer lab teacher. Your experiences are much more interesting! :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Numbers are what scares me the most about my new job!

This is a good idea for a blog post. I might have to use it, too.

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing this part of your life! Very interesting! Not sure when I'll have time to write a post on that topic, but it is a great idea - even if just as information for my family! Good to hear from you!

Kathy said...

Hello! It's been a while since I've visited, but I really enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you! I may borrow this idea for a post sometime in the future :) Have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

Hi Betty!
It's nice to hear about your jobs and see what interesting experiences you've had!
I'm glad you're currently at another job you enjoy!
I've been a teacher my whole career--something I always wanted to be. I even came home from school and sat my little sister down in front of my toy blackboard and "taught" her every day--poor thing!
Have a nice week this week!

Chatty Crone said...

I really enjoyed reading that story about you! You did good in your life girl. sandie

Cicero Sings said...

An interesting read ... but then I think people's lives are interesting.

Kathleen McCoy said...

This was fascinating to read, Betty! It was so interesting to know that you realized your mistake in leaving school so early, but found good jobs that utilized your talents and interests -- as well as making time for the most important job of all: raising your daughters! That's great that you have a "just-right" position now. Don't be too quick to make the decision to retire. Spend time thinking and planning what would please you in your retirement years. The people who struggle most in retirement are those who never gave any thought about how those years might be meaningful and now don't know what to do with themselves!

Kay said...

You've really had a varied, interesting career of job choices. I'm so glad you've found something you enjoy now.

Marla said...

I enjoyed reading about your jobs...and I admire your perserverance at each, even when it wasn't your ideal situation. Curious about your home situation that you dropped out of high school and were allowed to do it, and then move to Canada. It must not have been a happy time. But you have been a hard worker! Way to go!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Betty, I learned some new things about you-- Thanks to the lovely Jeanie for the post idea. (I might try it too.)

You've has some interesting jobs but the one I know you love the most is being a mom. That's reallllly a full time job ;-)

I envy your ability with numbers. I know, without a doubt, that I would be miserable working in a bank.

So glad you enjoy your current job and isn't it nice to stay busy- make the day fly by.

Hope all's well with you. Thanks for catching up with us.

xoxo jj

Anita said...

I enjoyed reading this, too, Betty. Recently, I wrote a post about what people do after college - whether the choices they make lead them down a road of contentment. Halting your education at an early age doesn't seem to have taken away from your life.

Welcome back to blog land after a couple months "off." :)

Julie said...

Hey, this was great to read. I liked it. I'm way late in reading but still here.
I've had my share of jobs. I might have to share that one day too.
Take care Betty. Blessings!!

Betty W said...

Nor sure what happened to my pics, but they are gone.